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Hi there! I'm CaveSalamander, also known as Sal, and this is my main blog. I don't reblog much, and this is mostly a journal and art blog. If you're interested in my interests, check out the scarves over there ->

Other than that, I'm just a dork with a tablet and pencil. Some of the links are still under construction, like they might always be. But eh.

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ametzy sent: Wait I thought of another au- high school *teacher* au

Hinata is the school counselor, Komaeda is the English teacher. Chihiro teaches computer literacy with the help of their experimental AI program, Nanami. Nanami gets bored one day and hacks the school network, and from there onto computers of the staff.

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light-of-democracy sent: zombie au

The world has ended, Zombies are everywhere. Komaeda is a researcher, trying to find a cure before he turns into a zombie, but also not understanding how he’s survived for so long after being bitten. Nanami is his robot AI assistant, immune to the zombie attacks due to being a robot. She helps him survive. In their travels, they find Hinata, who’s lost his memory and isn’t really sure how he’s survived so long.

Komaeda invites him along on the condition that he be allowed to check his vitals. He finds that Hinata bears all the signs of being patient 0…

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Send me AUs, and I will turn them into komahina or komanami or komahinanami.

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Day #2187

*Square Enix voice* It’s a metaphor you see: You put the sequel teaser right after the port’s ending, but you don’t give it the power to confirm an announcement.

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A different series of events based on my Yahoo! AU. (read that first) This time, Hinata goes to visit Komaeda, and it winds up disrupting his plans.

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Green Lantern TAS komahinanami AU where Komaeda goes on a quest to find blue lanterns and I fudge reality to make Nanami a spaceship.

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Ametzy helped me write the summary and also wrote the outline for the first episode.

More info:

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Green Lantern TAS komahinanami AU where Komaeda goes on a quest to find blue lanterns and I fudge reality to make Nanami a spaceship.

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making HONEST ANTAGONISTS who believe they’re in the right and firmly believe in what they’re doing is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING than making them “crazy” because of some outside influence. make villains who believe they are the protagonists

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AU where Hinata starts helping Komaeda out with setting up the lodge about midway through. Had help from Huehanya, Awesomewriternerdfighter, and Light-of-Democracy

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OCs Andromeda and Asa for cavesalamander!

~commission info~

Look look look at them! They are the best. Now I need to go and 3d model them how COOL would that be?

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