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A commission I made.
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A commission I made.

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cavesalamander sent: cavesalamander :O


Carnival of Rust - Poets of the Fall
Alpha Dog - Fall Out Boy
Vagabounce - Homestuck
Endless Climb - Homestuck
Alchemist - Savant (feat. Gino Sydal)
Laugh Maker - Bump of Chicken
America’s Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy
Money - Mystery Skulls
Atomyk Ebonpyre - Homestuck
No Time For Pussy - Savant
Dead Hearts - Stars
Electromechanism - Homestuck
Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku

I don’t know some of these but I’m laughing at N

this is wonderful, thank you :D

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There’s so much green.
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There’s so much green.

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Kimiko: you know ko is probably the worst pillow
Kimiko: he's just bone
Kimiko: and skin
Kimiko: and no padding
caveSalamander: just bone huh
caveSalamander: > : )
caveSalamander: >: )
Kimiko: fucking
Kimiko: hell
caveSalamander: morel ike fucKING WELL M I RIT-E
caveSalamander: IM SORRY
Kimiko: no youre not
caveSalamander: maybe a little
Kimiko: well you shouldn't be
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caveSalamander: YES
Mutie: only
Mutie: you know
Mutie: not e.l. james
Mutie: important to make that distinction
caveSalamander: lmao
caveSalamander: hey she made money
Mutie: not the point
caveSalamander: no i know
Mutie: my writing is better
caveSalamander: yes yes it is
Mutie: why thank you
Mutie: (a(sahi)na steele and celeste grey)
Mutie: oh my god
Mutie: AUBREY.
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Dream Journal + irl frustrations that leaked into my dream

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Anonymous sent: Pokemon Trainer AU.

Komaeda has this horrible awful tragic past because this is canon in every AU, alright? Alright. So.

His first pokemon ever was a shiny absol that showed up the day he was born and just hung around for no apparent reason. He’s never actually officially caught the thing. When he was about eight, his parents left him at home while they went off on some trip. (Not as young as you’d think in the pokemon world where apparently it’s totally normal for a 10 year old to go off on their own.) They left him with their Mightyena to keep an eye on him… and never came back. Komaeda lived on his own for a while, rich from the inheritance until maybe some Team Rocket assholes showed up to get ransom or steal from his house. The mightyena defended Komaeda as well as it could, but ended up being killed by the Team Rocket guys. They dumped him in the garbage and he was laying there all sad and stuff when one of the garbage bags crawled over and tried to comfort him. That’s when he met Gomi, soon to be his Trubbish. After that, he started exploring the world, met up with a Cubone and … well he related to that little guy, ok?

Meanwhile, Hinata’s parents are pretty famous - one of them is a gym leader, and the other is a world class pokemon breeder. Hinata’s goal is (so painfully typical oh my god) to become the pokemon champion. Because of his parents’ position, even though he’s never really shown any aptitude in any sort of pokemon-related-anything, he gets to pick between a few kinda badass pokemon actually. He goes for the Bagon, since he kinda resonates with it, and sets out on his own pokemon adventure. It’s an unmitigated disaster, and he’s just hopelessly average, even with his cool pokemon. He catches his own Spearow, but all the other pokemon he eventually will get and really bond with are given to him by other people.

Nanami is a prodigy when it comes to pokemon. She also has a penchant for pink powerhouse pokes. She’s just really great, like she was made for poke battles. It’s mysterious, and she doesn’t talk much about her childhood, and she doesn’t always get social customs. Much mystery.

They all get Eevees at the same time.

Hinata gets an egg from Nanami and it…

You know what, Nami? I know this is you! IM JUST TALKING ABOUT THE POKEMON AU WE’RE RPING!!!!

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ametzy sent: Wait I thought of another au- high school *teacher* au

Hinata is the school counselor, Komaeda is the English teacher. Chihiro teaches computer literacy with the help of their experimental AI program, Nanami. Nanami gets bored one day and hacks the school network, and from there onto computers of the staff.

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light-of-democracy sent: zombie au

The world has ended, Zombies are everywhere. Komaeda is a researcher, trying to find a cure before he turns into a zombie, but also not understanding how he’s survived for so long after being bitten. Nanami is his robot AI assistant, immune to the zombie attacks due to being a robot. She helps him survive. In their travels, they find Hinata, who’s lost his memory and isn’t really sure how he’s survived so long.

Komaeda invites him along on the condition that he be allowed to check his vitals. He finds that Hinata bears all the signs of being patient 0…

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Day #2187

*Square Enix voice* It’s a metaphor you see: You put the sequel teaser right after the port’s ending, but you don’t give it the power to confirm an announcement.

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